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Nycteris javanica (Javan slit-faced bat) / Indonesia


The Javan slit-faced bat is a species of slit-faced bat found on the Kangean Islands of Indonesia, Nusa Penida, Java, and West Timor.

The skull is distinguished by a characteristic interorbital concavity, externally connected to a long slit that runs down the centre of their faces from between the eyes to the nostrils, and probably assists in echolocation. They have large ears, and a complex nose-leaf. Their tails end in a T-shape, formed from cartilage, a unique feature among mammals.


Frame Size : 27.5cm×22.5cm (approximate)

Javan slit-faced bat

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The actual product you will receive may look slightly different from the photo since it is a natural specimen and also a handmade product.

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