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Five-horned Rhinoceros Beetle (Eupatorus gracilicornis) / Southeast Asia

The five-horned rhinoceros beetle is a beetle that has four large horns on the prothorax and one extra-long cephalic horn.

Rhinoceros beetle, the Dynastinae, is a subfamily of the scarab beetle family, Scarabaeidae. It is also known as Hercules beetles, unicorn beetles, or horn beetles.

The Rhinoceros beetle is one of the strongest creatures on earth. Adults of some species can lift objects 30 times their own weight without sacrificing any speed (that would be equivalent to a human having no problem carrying an adult male white rhinoceros). Some can even lift up to 100 times their own weight, though they have trouble moving at that point.

Scientists believe the beetle has become so strong in order to forage through heavy litter on the jungle floor and to dig its way to safety.

Frame Size (approximately) : 31cm × 26cm

Five-horned Rhinoceros Beetle


The actual product you will receive may look slightly different from the photo since it is a natural specimen and also a handmade product.

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