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Acherontia atropos (Death's Head Hawk Moth)

The Death's-Head Hawkmoth gets its name from the skull-like mark on its thorax.

The species name atropos is from Greek myth and related to death.

In 1840, entomologist Moses Harris wrote that "It is regarded not as the creation of a benevolent being, but the device of evil spirits—spirits enemies to man—conceived and fabricated in the dark, and the very shining of its eyes is thought to represent the fiery element whence it is supposed to have proceeded. Flying into their apartments in the evening at times it extinguishes the light; foretelling war, pestilence, hunger, death to man and beast."

Frame Size (approximate) : 19.5cm×14.5cm

Death's Head Hawk Moth

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The actual product you will receive may look slightly different from the photo since it is a natural specimen and also a handmade product.

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